Shopping the Future

algorithmic design of retail environments. (wissensch. Bericht)

W.E. Lorenz, G. Wurzer, S. Swoboda. Shop Design ist das Produkt aus Marketing, wirtschaftlichem Kalkül, Kommunikation und der Gestaltung von Räumen. ...


Webdesign für arztwerbung24 – ein Service der Computer Projects Unlimited .

follow up bricks are landing

algorithmic design of bricks pavilion. (Stegreifentwerfen)

W Lorenz, S. Swoboda, G. Wurzer. Das Stegreifentwerfen ‚follow up: bricks are landing‘ versteht sich als thematische Fortsetzung des kleinen Entwerfens ‚bricks are landing‘ (259.471), das im Wintersemester 2017 stattgefunden hat. ...

Japan Exkursion 2016

Japan Exkursion 22.03.-10.04.2016 (book) A. Faller, W.E. Lorenz (Hrg.). Mit Beiträgen der Teilnehmer der Exkursion nach "japan" (2016).
ISBN: 978-3-9504464-0-1

Das Buch beschreibt in einzelnen Kapiteln die vom Institut Architektur-wissenschaften, Digitale Architektur und Raumplanung, organisierte Exkursion nach Japan aus dem Jahr 2016. ...

A Cell-based Method to Support Hospital Refurbishment

enviBUILD2017 - Buildings and Environment - From Research to Application. (paper & talk)

G. Wurzer, U. Coraglia, U. Pont, C. Weber, W Lorenz, A. Mahdavi. Hospital refurbishments often take place in parallel to regular operation, resulting in a scheduling problem: Construction activities must be located such as they do not clash with daily work activities and vice versa. ...


III Different Fractals

Every natural thing around us is a fractal structure in principle, because smooth lines and planes only exist in the ideal world of mathematics. Beside that theoretically any system, which can be visualized or analyzed geometrically, can be a fractal.

This chapter gives an introduction to some different kinds of fractals like the so-called "true" mathematical fractals, to which the Cantor set belongs, and the "chaotic" fractals, with the Mandelbrot set being an example. Beside that some other methods of creating fractals such as the iteration function systems, the DLA model, the L-system and the Midpoint displacement method will be introduced. The form of strange attractors as a connection to deterministic chaos also offers fractal characteristics and will be described at the end of this chapter. The one or other type of fractal may help in creativity, analysis, comparison, construction, organization and other questions arising in architecture.