Japan Exkursion 2016

Japan Exkursion 22.03.-10.04.2016 (book) A. Faller, W.E. Lorenz (Hrg.). Mit Beiträgen der Teilnehmer der Exkursion nach "japan" (2016).
ISBN: 978-3-9504464-0-1

Das Buch beschreibt in einzelnen Kapiteln die vom Institut Architektur-wissenschaften, Digitale Architektur und Raumplanung, organisierte Exkursion nach Japan aus dem Jahr 2016. ...

A Cell-based Method to Support Hospital Refurbishment

enviBUILD2017 - Buildings and Environment - From Research to Application. (paper & talk)

G. Wurzer, U. Coraglia, U. Pont, C. Weber, W Lorenz, A. Mahdavi. Hospital refurbishments often take place in parallel to regular operation, resulting in a scheduling problem: Construction activities must be located such as they do not clash with daily work activities and vice versa. ...

bricks are landing

algorithmic design of bricks pavilion. (kleines Entwerfen)

W Lorenz, S. Swoboda, G. Wurzer. In Fortsetzung des kleinen Entwerfens "flying bricks" (WS 2014), bei dem der Einsatz von Sichtziegel im digitalen Fassadenentwurf im Zentrum stand, soll nun die algorithmische Formfindung und/oder Optimierung an Hand eines freistehenden Pavillons untersucht werden. ...

Fractal Aesthetics in Architecture

Journal paper, in Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences. (article)

Wolfgang E. Lorenz, Jan Andres und Georg Franck. This paper deals with fractal aesthetics and proposes a new fractal analysis method for the perceptual study of architecture. The authors believe in the universality of formulas and aim to complement the architectural description in terms of proportion. ...


Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Wolfgang E. Lorenz

Wolfgang E. Lorenz is a researcher and lecturer at the Vienna University of Technology. His main research interests concern the application of digital media in architecture and spatial planning with a particular focus on the examination and elaboration of the concept of applying fractal geometry to architecture. In the past 6 years, he has collaborated on projects regarding data analysis and software development. He published several research papers, articles and books of students’ design work and excursions. In 2014, he obtained a doctoral degree in architecture for his thesis on Analysis of Fractal Architecture using the Box-Counting Method.

Script language

Note: Concerning the described codes (written in VBA, NetLogo, Three.js and Processing), the author is not focused on good coding style. They are only used for scientific and teaching purposes (developed in a step by step process).