Fractal Aesthetics in Architecture

Journal paper, in Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences. (article)

Wolfgang E. Lorenz, Jan Andres und Georg Franck. This paper deals with fractal aesthetics and proposes a new fractal analysis method for the perceptual study of architecture. The authors believe in the universality of formulas and aim to complement the architectural description in terms of proportion. ...

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SimAUD 2017

A Building Database for Simulations Requiring Schemata. (book)

Gabriel Wurzer, Jelena Djordjic, Wolfgang E. Lorenz und Vahid Poursaeed.
Obtaining spatial representations of existing buildings for use in simulation is challenging: To begin with, getting permission to access submitted construction plans can take a long time.. ...

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Oil Paintings

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Vernissage 27.Okt.2011



Kultur Cafe Kriemhild in 1150 Wien, Markgraf-Rüdigerstraße 14
Vernissage 27.Oktober 2011 mit Kabarett von BIK-abarett
Oktober, November 2011

Phantastische Landschaftsmalerei und mythische Darstellung

Café Spectrum
November 1996

Grenzen zwischen Phantasie und Realität

Ölgemälde und Aquarelle
Bank Austria Schanzstraße
März 1994