Flying Bricks


Examples for NetLogo 3D 5.0.5.

These examples were developed for the design studio "Flying Bricks". Feel free to use them. However, they are a kind of "scientific programming" and may not work for every purpose. In particular, we do not offer any guarantee in case of possible malfunctions, interruptions or failures of the programs.

Entwerfen T:E:T:R:I:S Architecture

Algorithmus unterstütze Planung zur Entwicklung eines nutzungsvielfältigen mehrgeschossigen Gebäudes

Das Entwerfen mit dem Titel „T:E:T:R:I:S“ verbindet die Planung eines mehrgeschoßigen nutzungsvielfältigen Gebäudes mit digitalen Entwurfsstrategien. Als algorithmische Planungsunterstützung sind drei Strategien denkbar: ...

eCAADe 2023:
F2F: Algorithmic approach on kindergarten architecture

F2F: Algorithmic approach on kindergarten architecture
Talk and Proceeding: eCAADe 2023 – Digital Design Reconsidered (TU Graz | conference)

In the context of the design studio "Kindergarten meets Easy Rider", new and innovative ways of building kindergartens were examined. In more detail, we took the biking milieu with its demand for freedom and individualism as a starting point for rethinking kindergarten design. ...