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digitales Stegreifentwerfen
G. Wurzer, W.E. Lorenz, S. Swoboda. Im Zuge der Lehrveranstaltung wird die Digitalisierung vom Entwurfsprozess bis zur Produktion an Hand einer selbsttragenden Holzstruktur untersucht: vom Stadtmöbel über die Skulptur zur Brücke. ...

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SimAUD 2020:

2020 Proceedings of the Symposium on Simulation for Architecture and Urban Design
A. Chronis, G. Wurzer, W.E. Lorenz, C.M. Herr, U. Pont, D. Cupkova, G. Wainer (ed.)
SimAUD, Vienna (online), 2020, ISBN: 978-1-56555-371-2; 622 pages
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2.2.6 Characteristics - A Fractal is Common in Nature

Many objects show fractal structures and can be reproduced through fractal geometry such as the cluster of galaxies, the roots of trees, the crater landscape of the moon and plants.

It is a truism that most of the following analogies between fractal geometry and architecture or nature are not based on the pure definition of fractals given above, but in general they have similar characteristics. For better differentiation this second kind of fractals will be called “natural” or “general” ones in contrast to the “true” ones.