Fractal Aesthetics in Architecture

Journal paper, in Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences. (article)

Wolfgang E. Lorenz, Jan Andres und Georg Franck. This paper deals with fractal aesthetics and proposes a new fractal analysis method for the perceptual study of architecture. The authors believe in the universality of formulas and aim to complement the architectural description in terms of proportion. ...

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Example: Sunbeams

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SimAUD 2017

A Building Database for Simulations Requiring Schemata. (book)

Gabriel Wurzer, Jelena Djordjic, Wolfgang E. Lorenz und Vahid Poursaeed.
Obtaining spatial representations of existing buildings for use in simulation is challenging: To begin with, getting permission to access submitted construction plans can take a long time.. ...

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How it works

To learn more about 'Virtual Reality Modeling Language' see 'general informations' and '3D models miscellaneous'.

Teil 2 - RP eines CAD-Modells

TEIL 2 - RP eines CAD-Modells

1. CAD-Modell der Pfarrkirche Maria Lourdes in Wien Meidling

-) Die Daten werden im "Geomagic Studio" geladen.

  • im DWG-Format:()
  • im WRP-Format:()

2. STL File des Objektes für Rapid Prototyping


  • STL-Format: (22_CAD_STL_und_PLOT_File/maria_lourdes.stl)

VRML File des Objektes für Rapid Prototyping



3D-Plot File


  • Plot-File für 3D-Plot: (22_CAD_STL_und_PLOT_File/ssys_maria_lourdes/maria_lourdes.sjb)

Dokumentation (Skalierung, Druckzeit: ssys_maria_lourdes/log.txt)

STL units: Millimeters;
STL scale: 0.02;
rotation about X: 90.0;
about Y: 0.0;
about Z: 90.0;

STL size: ~105.4/51.9/70.7mm
Estimated build time: 2 hr 53 min